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Speak Peak lets you improve your spoken English by talking with a randomly chosen conversation partner one-to-one (voice only). Our platform offers a simple and quick way to find a person to talk with. We recommend starting with self-introductions and ice-breakers. Then you together may choose the communication activities offered here specially for practicing speaking skills.

Yes, there is an application. And we recommend using the application and not the website.

Any kind of communication is beneficial for practicing your speaking skills and enlarging your vocabulary. The more you speak, the faster your progress is. Your mistakes in speaking do not come from your communication partners, but rather reflect your current level of English. The more practice you have, the fewer mistakes you'll make. Mistakes won't stick if you immerse yourself into the language regularly, and for that use every opportunity to read, listen, watch videos and communicate in English.

No, unless your speaking partner has specially asked for that. Conversation practice in Speak Peak is aimed at developing fluency and the ability to discuss any subject. At some stages of learning the language, communicating the idea in any possible way may be more important than avoiding mistakes.

If you hear an echo during the conversation, it may mean that your speaking partner is using his speakerphone. Ask them if they could use headphones / earphones instead. It is advisable for both sides to use headphones / earphones during the conversation.

If you are able to introduce yourself in English and tell your speaking partner about where you live and what you do, you should give yourself a try. After a brief introductory talk, invite your speaking partner to play “Guess the word”. The game is especially suitable for pumping up the speaking skills, given that your other skills are already sufficient. If “Guess the word” doesn't work, you should try practicing internal dialogues / monologues in English, or wait for the time when there are more activities for beginners in Speak Peak.

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